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Bunny Chartier Perpetual Trophy

Previous Recipients
1998   Malia Miller
1999   Lisa Caylor

2000   Award not presented
2001   Ann Franke
2002   Jack Bloss
2003   Ron & Jennifer Henrichsen
2004   Janet Macklin
2005   Carrie Jacobucci
2006   Nancy Bruckhauser
2007   Roberta Leirer
2008   Anne Chal1mers
2009   Diane Cox
2010   Sally Craver
2011    Award Not Presented
2012    Christine Vehrs
2013    Gina Jones
2014    Phil & Karla Porter
2015    Jan & Clyde Canino
2016   Diane Russell
2017   Sharyl Thombs

2018   Dee Deyen
2019   Mike and Carol Ackerman
2020   Katie Bright
2021    Kelly Stanton
2022    Penny Ramsey
2023    To be awarded early 2024

2022 winner of the Bunny Chartier Trophy Penny Ramsey(right). Presented by President Denise Loewe (left).



RMCC has awarded the Bunny Chartier Perpetual Trophy almost every year since 1998. This trophy was given to honor the memory of Bunny Chartier, a training level driver with exceptional enthusiasm for the equestrian sport of driving and excellent sportsmanship. When she was in her mid-forties, she abruptly and tragically passed away on October 19, 1997, of an aortic aneurysm.

The RMCC Board of Directors in conjunction with Kathy Boerema and Walter Chartier (Bunny’s husband) originally conceived the trophy to be awarded to an amateur training-level driver who exhibited outstanding sportsmanship in carriage driving, improvement in driving skills, enthusiasm and willingness to help others, and love of carriage driving. All of these concepts embodied Bunny’s dedication to the club and her unlimited enthusiasm for carriage driving.

In 2004, the RMCC Board of Directors widened the criteria for the award to go an amateur driver who has shown improvement in driving throughout the year as well as support at club activities, or for the club member who has contributed a significant amount toward the club in enthusiasm, time, and effort to make RMCC events and the club better. 

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