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About Us

Rocky Mountain Carriage Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization primarily based in northern Colorado. The purposes of the club are (1) to educate individuals in the art of driving horse-drawn vehicles and the training and care of equines who pull carriages and carts; (2) to improve and develop driving capabilities and safety procedures; (3) to educate the public about the sport of carriage driving and the history of various horse-drawn vehicles; and (4) to support locally the purposes and activities of the American Driving Society.

Many of our activities take place at beautiful Silver Whip Farm northeast of Fort Collins, Colorado. We also organize activities along the Front Range. Contact us to find out where our next event will be:


2024 RMCC Officers & Board of Directors  
President:  Carol Ackerman   

Vice President:  Dee Deyen   
 Secretary:  Katie Bright     
Treasurer:  Judy Hicks  
Board of Directors  
Kelly Stanton
Kathy Sassano
Sherry Vaughn

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