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For sale: Antique Meadowbrook cart, recently refurbished, bearing repacked. 

Brass and black accents. Horse size.  Wheels 48” in diameter. $2,100 OBO. 

Also for sale: leather harness (collar and hames  with patent accents. $350 OBO. 

Horse pictured is 15.1 Friesian cross to give size estimate.   Call Judy at 970-381-1716.

RMCC Logo Items

Two logo designs are available:

Marathon Pair

Carriage Driver

Rick  - january_rmcc_web_page_2018001003

Logo items are available to purchase as a club fundraiser. 

Orders will be filled by our vendor and profit goes to the club to help off-set our expenses and provide fun events for our members.

If you have questions,

please contact

Diane Russell 303-319-5974

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